Team Meshbits

This document is to express who we are, our passion and commitment to the Komodo project.


Satinder Grewal and Nitin Sharma are teaming up under the name Meshbits to help grow and support the Komodo community.

Satinder has been contributing by solving various problems for the Komodo Platform community, by dissipating knowledge and by delivering on his promises such as BarterDEX. And these days he’s using his time, money and efforts to help the Komodo ecosystem projects such as CHIPS, Pirate Chain and Verus wherever possiblly he can, along with making development toolkits and frameworks to help the developer community of Komodo ecosystem, such as kmdgo, saplinglib, Khoji Explorer.

Nitin volunteered his time to setup stable, automated quality infrastructure for the network after both Nitin and Satinder won a Notary Node spot in the Komodo Notary Node 2018 elections.

Long before Meshbits Ltd formed as a legal entity, Satinder has been helping Komodo Platform project from it’s early inception days since 2015 onwards to this day, and we intend to keep investing our time, money, efforts and valuable resources to help grow the Komodo Platform ecosystem to reach more user-base.

Who we are

Satinder Grewal

Seasoned veteran in Technology and BlockChain space capable of wearing multiple hats simultaneously who has been a Linux Administrator, Software Developer, Penetration Tester, Business Analyst in previous roles. Satinder has been involved with the Komodo Platform since the SuperNET days and has worked with Nitin as a team for managing the Komodo Notary Node in 2018 season. Based in New Zealand.

Nitin Sharma

Seasoned Solutions Architect/DevOps Engineer working in a PCI, ISM (Information Security Manual produced by Australian Signals Directorate) environment who in day-to-day work wears the hat of an Iteration Manager, AWS Architect, DevOps Lead, the-guy-who-simplifies-tech-jargon-for-business-people. Nitin worked as Komodo Platform Notary Node operator in 2018 season and is very knowledgable with his blockchain stack he worked with. Based in Australia.


Satinder Grewal has a proven record of going for his passion even if it means jeopardising means of survival; watch this video.

Satinder has spent countless hours sacrificing sleep and social life while working full time to ramp up his knowledge on blockchain technology. During this time, he has been quite active in public channels and asked necessary questions while trying his best to help others out.

Nitin Sharma has a more risk-averse approach to following his passion but capable of seeing opportunities. Nitin has previously donated his time for a non-profit organisation which helps educate children who reside in the slums in India.

What Meshbits Offer

At Meshbits, we mainly think from a developer’s point of view and understand where Komodo Platform has room for improvement. Having the capability to do development and create tools and applications to improve the Komodo Platform allows Meshbits team to use it’s skillset and funds in the most efficient way possible.

It’s the developer made applications and services which put a cryptocurrency in demand, due to their use cases. And Meshbits team has the capability to deliver what we promise.